This time the story will be in less parts than the previous :)


In 2012 after a long summer that I spend working … I worked hard on Assassins Creed Liberation for PS Vita. You know Deadlines … “No vacation till the project is finished!!!” … Sometimes I wonder … one have to eat, you know … “Freedom, Sancho,” …, but this is another topic, and who knows may be my boss will read the blog.

So, at last vacation and in the middle of September we arrived in the Dolomites. Well first we had few stops in Austria.

Or first goal were lakes somewhere in Austria, but the weather was rainy. We drove up towards the starting point, slept in the car, but in the morning the rain was still falling so we gave up.



At last some time to post few old images.

This time I’ll show you photos from a short trip to Greece, around the second peninsula of Halkidiki – Sithonia. The first evening we were sleeping in tents on a small beach. The next morning I left my friends to sleep and got up before sunrise. It was not spectacular but the calm sea and quiet pulsing of the sea was magical.