To wake up at five in the morning and see the sun illuminating with its first rays the rocky peak standing before you. To nestle in your sleeping bag and fall asleep with the first stars appearing on the sky. Or maybe to lie in the grass, under the Milky Way winding through heaven and to gaze at the stars that are so bright without a single artificial light in kilometers around. Frozen for a moment in the snow to hear the all-embracing silence as if you are all alone in the whole world. So dense that you can hear your own blood moving in the veins. I hope that while you go through these photos will fill at least a little bit this moments in which you almost become on with the universe.

     I live in Bulgaria and I take photos mostly here. For now, for living I do other things, but if someone decides to finance my efforts in photography I’ll change my current job with pleasure. Hardly someone cares to read with pages about me so I will not bother you with my bio here. Just enjoy the photos!

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