This time the story will be in less parts than the previous 🙂


In 2012 after a long summer that I spend working … I worked hard on Assassins Creed Liberation for PS Vita. You know Deadlines … “No vacation till the project is finished!!!” … Sometimes I wonder … one have to eat, you know … “Freedom, Sancho,” …, but this is another topic, and who knows may be my boss will read the blog.

So, at last vacation and in the middle of September we arrived in the Dolomites. Well first we had few stops in Austria.

Or first goal were lakes somewhere in Austria, but the weather was rainy. We drove up towards the starting point, slept in the car, but in the morning the rain was still falling so we gave up.

We descended towards Innsbruck and take a nice walk under the rain. On the next day we had to climb the peak that last year refused to let me to climb it – Hochfeiler. Unfortunately this time also the mountain treated as too harsh.  Well, we made it half way to the hut, but the blizzard was too strong, so we did not take chances but returned.


One picture from our way down.

At last next morning the sun smiled and … unfroze us a bit 🙂 We left the snow covered peak to look at us from its throne, and headed to Val Gardena. We stayed there one night and next afternoon climbed up a trail to the right of Val Lunga.

Sunset caught us at the highest point.


By the time I made few photos the sun disappeared. We hurried down the path. Little after, we found a somewhat leveled place to put up the tent.

The next morning the tent was covered with frost, and the sky was clear with not a single cloud.

Stitched Panorama

You can see our target for today. Peak Piz de Puez (The on on the left).

The day was prefect for a walk, sunny, cool mountain air, amazing views. Well conditions for photos were not exactly perfect, but here is one for the record.


At lunch we reached the hut, left our backpacks there and headed to the peak (somehow on the picture it looks not so steep as it was). From it the view was breath taking.

Stitched Panorama

I begun to sorry that we did not take the backpacks. We could stay for the sunset. There was a place 100-150 meters below the peak, where a tent could be pitched.

After long lounging on the peak we descend back to the hut, and after few hours found a nice place for the tent at the foot of peak Sass Di Campaccio. The idea was at sunset to take photos from the peak.

Stitched Panorama

Well it turned out to be a bit further than I thought, but from half the peak still there was a lot to see.


And the long focal length lenses are good for landscape photography.


Th sun quickly disappeared.



Stitched Panorama

With the first lights in a city below we went to pitch the tent.

On the next morning we slept a bit longer and missed the sunrise but we climbed the peak on our way back.


The valley below was still covered with clouds.

Stitched Panorama

Few black and white images made from the peak.

Stitched Panorama

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