It is Saturday again (At last!) and the weather men promised great weather. Even too great, but I hope that in the mountain there will be at least some clouds. My destination is the Maliovishki lakes in Rila mountain.

From Sofia to the first lake the trip takes around 4 hours, even 3:30 if there is no a lot of traffic towards Samokov. It is close and very beautiful place. From hotel Mliovitsa to Maliovitsa hut is less than hour and then to the right and up following half-marked with stone pyramids trail. Previous week I again climbed there, but it was foggy and almost dark. The view distance was about 5 meters and if I did not have GPS I would surely be lost although I was hiking the same trail previous autumn.

Once I got to the first lake, what was and my destination, I put up the tent, had a dinner, wandered around so the time to take photos come and climbed to the edge above Maliovishaka valley.

From the top there is amazing view of the whole valley.

Last autumn there were blueberry with red leaves, and now I found just one little flower. Crocuses have already faded, and the other flowers have hidden in the grass away from the edge.

The peaks on the other side of the valley are a striking view.

Then I descended to the lake to take few shots of the peak but it was in shadow. At the expense of this the clouds were colored in deep red.

The clouds reflected in the an unruffled surface of the lake.

I jumped on the other side of the lake for last few images while the colours in the sky were fading.

On my way I stopped to take a picture of the stream that came from the lake. The water streamed between the stones hurrying to reach the valley.

This tuft of grass, moss … life have survived lonely among the rocks.

Few seconds before the sunset the clouds catch the last coulours..

After sunset the sky gradually fades and give up its place to the stars.

Moon was rising about 11 so I decided to make few pictures with long exposures to catch the star trails. As you can see I haven’t escaped from the moon. The sky have caught light from the rising moon. To the right you can see and a meteor, which I missed but seems like it was quite bright. Some time after it get dark under the peak few lights appeared and after a while it was a whole discotheque. Later when they passed by the lake it appeared that it was mountain rescue services. They were having a training or were rescuing someone I could not understand.

After a fast sleep, the night is definitely too short around the summer solstice, a little before it was time my phone to ring in 5:15, the birds songs woke me up.

Before sunrise there was no a single cloud in the sky.

Half an hour later first sun rays light up Maliovitsa peak.

At the expense of clouds there was wind. One of my favorite shots are with long exposure, and the ruffled water of a mountain lake. The stones are covered with veil of the water colours or the reflected peaks illuminated by the first sun-rays.

Last shots before the sun begin to shine in its full strength and the time for breakfast to come.

After that on my way down the track people greeted me with good morning. What morning? I did wake up 5 hours ago. For me the morning was way back in the past. It has come with the rays of the rising sun.

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