Last week I had fun making a little program that exports models from Diablo3. You can download it from Here.

It exports in FBX format:

– Meshes and textures (it exports all materials but it seems that max loads only the ones actually assigned to meshes. May be in the future I’ll add copies of the meshes with the other materials.). Meshes have two uv channels exported. The opacity channel is not set. The materials imported from FBX do not have correctly set “use image alpha” in the mono channel output.

– bones

– skin


Start the program and choose the directory where Diablo 3 is installed. Wait patiently to load the list with all models. Choose the models you want to export, click convert selected, and again wait patiently (no feedback). You also can export single model with double click.

All exported models go the folder of the executable.

If it crashes or something is not working correctly please write, which model is the problem and some day I’ll check it;).  I’ll post soon and script for Unity3D.

External sources:

http://diablo3dev.com/w/Models – description of the .app file format

http://diablo3dev.com/w/D3TexConv – converts .tex files. I used the code to convert the textures.


Thanks a lot!!!

All models and textures are property of Blizzard Entertainment. This program is for studying purposes only. It is free of any charge! And comes with no warranty whatsoever.


– 14.07.2012:

Added mutithreaded loading of the mpq-files.  – download

– 29.06.2015

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