Today my target was Locatelly hut, for another sunset near the tree peaks, but from a bit different point of view.I took a walk around from west to see and this part of the mountain. It is no less beautiful, though the sun was high and it was not very good for photography the views were amazing.

I met also some marmots around their holes. They were not scared at all, as long as I stayed low few meters away from them. This one was shot with 300mm lens.

In the afternoon I reached the hut. There was a great view towards the peaks. I setup my tripod and tried few compositions.

Suddenly I heard strange noise behind me. And when I turned back I found this little marten. It behaved quite crazy, jumping around and sniffing in all the holes it could find. And it was not scared at all from me.

Well this evening the sunset was amazing! This was the best one from the whole two weeks trip.

I was left speechless.

After the last sun rays on the peaks, while there were still fiery colors in the sky,

I went to make few images on the leaks behind the hut.

I went down for a closer composition.

And here I am. The tripod is great invention! Though in the diminishing light it was quite a challenge to stand still for 15 seconds.

The night came fast with its cold colors.

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