At last some time to post few old images.

This time I’ll show you photos from a short trip to Greece, around the second peninsula of Halkidiki – Sithonia. The first evening we were sleeping in tents on a small beach. The next morning I left my friends to sleep and got up before sunrise. It was not spectacular but the calm sea and quiet pulsing of the sea was magical.


For the evening we went to the most southern part. It was a 4-5 kilometers off road with my old opel but it survived and so do we 🙂




In the morning everyone was up for the sunrise. We moved on a small sand patch surrounded from both sides by the sea.





The next day we moved to the east part of the peninsula, to Sarti. It has long sandy beach.

Again in the evening I was on a hunt for nice photos.


From the beach you can see the third most eastern peninsula Sveta Gora, which is holy christian place. It has men monasteries and only male pilgrims can visit it.


_MG_2511Next evening again we were sleeping in tents, at the end of  small beach.


The rocks on the tiny peninsula were very interesting.


The whole sea bed was covered with small ,spherical and very prickly creatures.



Later in the evening the sky covered with thick clouds, but the morning came clear and spectacular.



Just a little more before the sun shows it’s face.




This day we had to return back to Bulgaria. Few moments before the sunset we could see the border mountain Belasitsa.

Stitched Panorama

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